Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Few Questions About My Obsession with Ramen Asked By and Answerd by Your Favorite Bastard.

Q: Bastard, what’s your deal with Ramen? Aren’t you over 30 and don’t you have a “real” job?

A: Why yes, yes I do. Only, I work in education and serve the greater good which hardly translates to much of a living wage. When you spend $5 on a bulb of fennel because you got a wild hair and you want to eat a Fennel and Arugula salad it makes sense that you’d want to be able to balance that out with the cheapest possible work lunch you could.
Arugula and Fennel Salad w/ black Olives, shaved Parm and lemon anchovy vinaigrette

Q: Why not bring leftovers to work?

A: Oh, I do but most times I would rather save them for dinner. Like, when I should be at the gym or running it’s a lot easier to reheat leftovers than to make polenta again from scratch.

Q: So you’re really into the whole Ramen thing?

A: Hell yes I am. Find me something else as satisfying and is that affordable and we’ll reconvene. Until then my pantry will be over-flowing with different types and varieties of Ramen.

just add bacon... okay and some other stuff too

Q: Why do you post sporadically ? Is this going to be random and mostly centered around Ramen?

A: I'm A.D.D. I can hardly keep my face shaved or underwear in the drawer,  you're lucky I post anything at all. And I promise to make it about other things I like to make too. Like: Tomato sauces, Pestos, pancakes & waffles, Omelets, late night experiments, Salsas, random salads w/ fennel, burgers, nachos, date food, Vegan stuff for my buddy Mike, family friendly stuff for Sunday dinners, and etc.

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